What is causing my tire to squeak when turning?

If your tire is squeaking when it is turning, it may be scraping against the frame of the car. This could be a sign that a tire you recently bought is the improper size. Tires come in many different sizes, and the exact number of your tire‘s dimensions can be found on the tire‘s sidewall. If these numbers are off by even a little bit when you go to purchase a new tire, you could notice noises upon turning (if the tire is too big).

Improper sizes of tires can cause abnormal tread wear on the other tires as well. If one tire is bigger or smaller than the rest, the car will lean one way, and the tread wear of all the tires will be uneven. This can lead to tires wearing and being ready for replacement much sooner than normal, which can get quite expensive.

If the tires only seem to squeal when you are pressing on the brake pedal, you may have a brake pad problem. These pads tend to wear over time, and can become noisy when they are worn. You should have a mechanic examine the vehicle to see what the problem is.

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